Gnocchi again

Rather keen on this nettle recipe but where do I find nettles where I live? (Blue Mountains NSW Australia)
The last gnocchi I made, in fact the only gnocchi I’ve ever made were fantastic and my wife Adele just loved them. So different from those in a packet.

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dinner last night

Have been wanting to improve my baking skills (wouldn’t be hard!) so tried Annabel Langbein’s focaccia dough recipe last night. A great success!
Another misty, wet day but the maple is looking fantastic.

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Eternal drizzle

Should be used to it by now, especially on Anzac day, but it sure ruins any plans for gardening. Maybe tomorrow …………….

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Anzac Day

Didn’t make it to the dawn service last year as we were overseas, stuck due to the cranky volcano in Iceland. Damp and misty today, as it often is, lots of familiar faces. One of those “feel I should do this” things so went with one of my daughters, everyone else still asleep. Maybe they’ll go to the later service – I hope so. Some of my friends think it’s a celebration of war but I’ve never thought so. I just like to think that it’s a reminder of the stupidity of conflict and a time for reflection.

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